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Welcome to Our Company!

If you are looking for perfect IT programming services for your business, you will find it here!

Sampson Solutions prides itself on writing customized programs for all industries that will allow companies to focus on the end game, while leaving the coding to us.

From website applications to in-house database programming solutions, Sampson Solutions can create a program that will take care of the issues that make computer programming the roadblock to your success.

We work with SQL, MySQL, and other databases, transfer data from one database to another, and write custom programs for your business.

Recent Projects

  • Non-profit employs Sampson Solutions to create a State-wide website program to capture data from Domestic Violence incidents.
  • Medical company employs Sampson Solutions to create program to interpret data, and generate customized product SKU's.
  • Public Safety Dispatch company employs Sampson Solutions to create unique Dashboard for ambulance transports to area hospitals.
  • January 1, 2016
  • CCADV goes live State-wide with its new website data collection program.
  • November, 2015
  • Medical company gets new automated SKU program.
  • June, 2014
  • CMED New Haven employs a digital dashboard at area hospitals to visually provide information on incoming ambulances.