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About the Company

This company prides itself on getting your large projects, or small issues solved. By writing programs that fill the gaps between two large programs, or by developing programs that make your day to day issues easier, we can develop a solution that is customized for your business.


Whether you need a small program component to get you to the results required, or a large program to disolve that stack of paperwork you must sift through daily to collect data, we can write a program custom to your business model.

About the Owner

  • Charles SampsonI have over 25 years in the Public Safety profession. This experience has allowed me to have insight with the way Public Safety Organizations perform their day to day operations, and the special needs of these organizations.
  •  Utilizing this experience, I have created several custom programs for agencies ranging from simple websites that display unit status, to more complex programs that allow for end users to enter data and generate reports.
  • I became a certified Police Officer in 1993 in the state of Connecticut. I worked for the City of Waterbury Police Department from 1994 until my retirement in 2015, at which time I joined the Westport Police Department. During my time with Waterbury, I worked for several years in the Information Services Division, and was responsible for developing and implementing a $1 Million upgrade of the entire computer system. This implementation included all new wiring of the facility, new Dispatch, Records Management, and Mobile applications.
  • I became a Volunteer Firefighter in 1990 with the City of Derby. During my 25 years of service, I have worked with the City to implement on-line reporting of all NFIRS reports. I retired as the Chief of the Department in 2009 after serving as an Assistant Chief and Chief for 8 years.
  • I accepted the role of Emergency Management Director with the City of Derby in 2011. I have various certifications in this challenging field and have worked through 6 Presidential Declarations of Emergency for weather events within the City.
  • I have been a computer programmer for over 35 years. Writing programs in all languages, I have bridged the gap between two programs so that data can be shared, or written large programs to handle the day to day operations of a company.
  • My diverse background in the Public Safety profession and computer programming allows me to recognize and design programs that benefit the organizations I service. I look forward to meeting with new customers, and seeing what custom assistance I can provide.
  • January 1, 2016
  • CCADV goes live State-wide with its new website data collection program.
  • November, 2015
  • Medical company gets new automated SKU program.
  • June, 2014
  • CMED New Haven employs a digital dashboard at area hospitals to visually provide information on incoming ambulances.